Ministry Teams

Each member of our spiritual family is encouraged to exercise the gifts and talents entrusted by God to him or her.

Here’s a glimpse of our growing list of St Elizabeth Ministry Teams

Providing boys and men an opportunity to participate in the liturgical life of the parish by serving in the altar.

— Altar Servers

Organizing various celebrations and activities throughout the year for the children of St Elizabeth’s.

— Childrens’ Events

Managing the cleaning schedule and supplies for the Church and Fellowship Hall.

— Church Cleaning

Encouraging members of our immediate and extended church family through cards, letters, phone calls, and personal visits.

— Encourage

Maintaining financial records and providing financial reports for all aspects of parish life.

— Finance

Welcoming parishioners and visitors on Sunday mornings, helping visitors from arrival through departure, overseeing the offering and offering schedule.

— Greeters and Offering

Providing our girls, ages 2-12, with unique opportunities for service and participation in the life of the church.

— Handmaidens

Overseeing the schedule for providing refreshments immediately following Divine Liturgy, special Feast Days, and special events.

— Hospitality

Providing opportunities to create home-made items for parish liturgical use, such as candles, incense, and woodwork.

— Liturgical Arts

Providing meals and/or groceries to individuals and families during times of significant need.

— Mercy Meals

Overseeing the outreach of Ella’s Cafe, Meaningful Gleaning of Rutherford County, and other ministries that meet needs.

— Missions and Evangelism

Overseeing all choir participation in the liturgical life and special events of the parish.

— Music

Maintaining supplies for the Church and Fellowship Hall and overseeing projects of significant need.

— Property Maintenance

Overseeing the schedule for providing Holy Bread for Divine Liturgy and special Feast Days.

— Prosphora

Providing education in the Orthodox Christian Faith for the children of St Elizabeth’s.

— Sunday School

Overseeing flowers and decorations appropriate to the liturgical year.

— Temple Beautification