Young Adults

We’re here for you!

This church has a very organic young adult presence. Most often they meet after the Wednesday and Saturday evening services for fellowship or lessons with Father John Oliver.

Sometimes our young adults have meals, you’ll need to come to experience the vital and dynamic group that brings so much energy to our community!

Join us for church services, gather with us for meals and conversation!

We are:

  • A church home away from home; home-cooked meals; feasts and fasts and festivals.
  • A place to hang – no pressure; people who listen and really care what you think; a safe place accepting everyone without judgment or prejudice; real conversation about issues and topics that concern you.
  • Holy bread, wine, oil and water; restoring the world as a sacred place; communion with God and one another.
  • Laughter among friends who share your values; people with experiences and skills and time to talk; folks who will walk alongside through the muck of life; helping people in need.
  • Trees, woods, paths, a creek, where there is stillness; a place of deep and abiding joy.
  • Learning to live an Orthodox Christian life right where we are; taking risks and doing audacious things for Christ!