Sundays 10 AM: The main worship service of the Orthodox world is held to be the highest and fullest celebration of the Word of God. Profound mysteries surround and permeate our Divine Liturgy; the joyful gathering of the faithful, the symbolic joining of the physical with the spiritual, the presence of the Creator of heaven and earth in our midst, and, ultimately, our solemn participation in Holy Communion.

Saturday 6 PM: For the early church, Vespers was a Jewish service easy to “Christianize” because of its heavy use of Psalms and Old Testament references that took on their deepest and most proper meanings in the light of Christ. Beginning with the reading of Psalm 103, the “creation” Psalm, Great Vespers essentially tells the story of salvation. We acknowledge our fallen condition and the “Gladsome Light” Who sets us free!

Wednesdays 6 PM: Our mid-week service, reflective and quiet in tone, contains most of the element from Great Vespers. Exceptions being references to the Resurrection of Christ because Sunday is the “Day of Resurrection. Included are references to the particular saint or biblical event tied to the day of the year. This service’s purpose is to provide a spiritual reprieve from the secular world outside for the church’s faithful.

  • The Nativity of the Theotokos

    (Sep 8)

  • Exaltation of the Cross

    (Sep 14)

  • Presentation of the Theotokos

    (Nov 21)

  • Nativity of Christ/Christmas

    (Dec 25)

  • Baptism of Christ/Theophany

    (Jan 6)

  • Presentation of Jesus

    (Feb 2)

  • Annunciation

    (Mar 25)

  • Palm Sunday

    (Sunday before Pascha/Easter)

  • Ascension of Christ

    (Forty days after Pascha/Easter)

  • Pentecost

    (Fifty days after Pascha/Easter)

  • Transfiguration

    (August 6)

  • Dormition of the Theotokos

    (August 15)