What is the Orthodox Christian Church

“Orthodox” describes that Church that understands itself to be the living continuity of the faith and life established by Jesus Christ, given to His apostles, described in the Bible, and practiced and passed on by those Christians associated with the ancient centers and earliest centuries of Christian history. More ancient than Protestantism (16th century) andContinue reading “What is the Orthodox Christian Church”

Worshipping With Mind, Body, and Soul

Notice how, in John 20, Christ breathed upon His disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” That’s one example of a principle of Christianity: physical acts carry spiritual power. The greatest physical act filled with spiritual power is The Incarnation. The Incarnation – when a spiritual God became material flesh and blood – is likeContinue reading “Worshipping With Mind, Body, and Soul”

What Can I Expect from St Elizabeth’s?

As mentioned on our “About Us” page, Orthodox Christian worship of God is an experience that engages both the mind and the body with all its senses. Visitors notice many Scriptural texts “come to life” during their visit – our use of music, psalms and other Scripture texts, incense, icons, and sacraments, call to mindContinue reading “What Can I Expect from St Elizabeth’s?”